20+ years of innovation

We are company driven by the needs of the “hands-on” car wash operator. Our passion for excellence and efficiency drives us to Innovation. The equipment we sell is the equipment we use! 

In 2010, We realized that the available equipment options were not up to our quality standards, so we decided to manufacture our own, and thus our journey began. 

We needed reliable equipment! We needed equipment that didn’t break down, that was easier to clean, that didn’t waste product, and that looked good longer. Our solution was to manufacture our own equipment.

Our Shadow™ line of equipment features heavy-duty brushed stainless steel arches and components, efficient easy to maintain high-performance chemical applicators, pumps, and manifolds. 

Our equipment has been thoroughly tested and honed through over 2,000,000 car washes a year at our 11 locations. We proudly manufacture our equipment in our facility here in the USA with distribution across the country.